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IICRC Certified

Guarantees a qualified technician will always be present to care for your home 

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Dedicated to using products that safely clean and sanitize without leaving residue 


Clear communication, punctuality, no high-pressure sales 

“Our carpets look NEW and smell AMAZING! Absolutely impressed with you and your company. We will definitely call again!!”

C. Schucker

“The house looks great! I appreciate you doing the extras too.”

J. Osmun

“I just got my carpets cleaned and ready for the holidays, it is hard to believe Christmas is in 12 short weeks. But thanks to Quinton my carpets are ready and looking amazing. I highly recommend the carpet saving treatment he does, my carpets are looking so good even with 4 crazy boys, 1 energetic daughter, and a loony dog and all the junk they bring into the house.”

K. Wallace

“Thanks sooooo much to Quinton Batt at INVIRONMENTAL CLEANING. He did an amazing job on our carpets that endure the traffic of a big family. We went for the full enchilada with deep cleaning and protection to help extend the life of our carpet! Great price and it looks super. I also appreciated his advice on regular upkeep and vacuuming to keep things looking nice for as long as possible with four crazy boys!”

C. Peffer

“Our business has used Invironmental Cleaning to care for our new specialty wool carpets & been so pleased with their professionalism & quality of work that ALL of our employees have asked Quinton, owner of Invironmental Cleaning, to clean their home carpets as well!! Their pricing is very reasonable and health benefits can’t be beat!!”

Lyons Self Storage

Our Service Commitment

At InVironmental Cleaning, we have built our reputation on providing the absolute best service in every aspect of the industry! We understand that you, our customers, are the key to our success. Our goal is to create fans! If you are amazed we know that you will not only be loyal customers for years to come, but that you will be driven to talk about us.

We guarantee that we will:

  • Be Green: We use green products because we are mindful of the sensitivities of the enVironment but more importantly the sensitivities of your family!
  • Be Considerate: Punctuality is an important part of business, we will be on time and if we are running late we will notify you with a courtesy call.
  • Be Neat: We will be neat, clean, and pleasant.
  • Be Careful: We will use great care around your furnishings.
  • Be Respectful: We will show respect to your family, home, and privacy.
  • Be Honest: We will take the time to do the job right, no excuses, and we are upfront with our prices.
  • Be Certified: We will always provide you with an IICRC certified technician.
  • Be Professional!

We are confident in our abilities, and when we are in your home we will educate you and make recommendations but we will never intimidate or “sell” to you. We will invite you to watch because we know that if you watch us, you will be convinced that we are the best and consider us “your indoor enVironmental specialist“!

About Us

The Edge

The edge is what makes us different from other companies. The majority of companies out there can claim that they are certified. Most companies also find a way to convince you that they are the best. They do this by “having the most powerful equipment”, or by “using the best products”.

At InVironmental Cleaning, we are a no excuses company. Simply put, we have the best equipment and carry the best products to get the job done! We are certified, and we are educated.

The owner of InVironmental Cleaning received his education in environmental sciences. As an experienced cleaner and a passion for the environment, he is devoted to being green. Being green is more than just a trendy statement here. Our dedication to being green is a promise–a promise that we will use products that are safe for the environment, and more importantly, safe for your family.

Our name was inspired by the owner and his passion as a cleaner and an environmentalist, hence “your indoor environmental specialist” = InVironmental Cleaning!


We will not offer any service unless we can claim to be your specialist in that area!


Everyone likes discounts. Ask how to get yours.

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